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Investor Relations

At Sulabh Engineers and Services Limited, we consider Investor Relations to be the key to building transparent, open and long-term relationships with our stakeholders. Our Investor Relations program is committed to maintaining effective communication with the investing community by adopting best practices.

Today SES has evolved into a prominent institution that harnesses the power of visualisation to develop and finance projects across a variety of sectors. Almost uniquely, SES has succeeded in turning Finance capacity creation into a commercially viable proposition.

Our projects are developed in conjunction with financing agencies, private sector partners and communities. This unique features of our Company helps to leverage limited public funds, reduce life cycle cost, develop and execute more projects on a sustainable basis.

Sulabh Engineers and Services Limited (SESL) is committed to providing projects with financial investment, managerial expertise and inputs that ensure efficiency in service delivery. We offer a full range of financial, project development and management services. These services include investment , project financing, project development, management and implementation, asset management, corporate advisory services and back office services.

Successful projects require the close involvement of an array of stakeholders. SESL has sponsored various projects in the Project space in association with a range of partners including communities. SESL identifies need-driven projects which can be commercially viable. SES then uses innovative structural / financial techniques to enhance project viability and has already successfully pioneered several such projects.

Over the years, building on experience gained in the project space, SES has widened its business scope from mere development of project to encompass a full range of related activities.

Contact Person:  Mr. Amit Kumar Kanaujia

Designation:  Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Corporate Office:
17/11, The-Mall, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Registered Office:
206, 2nd floor, Appolo Complex Premises, Cooperative Society Ltd.
RK Singh Marg, Parsi Panchyat Road,
Andheri (East) Mumbai- 400069.
   022 - 67707822




Corporate Office

17/11, The-Mall, Kanpur-208001,
Uttar Pradesh, India.


Registered Office

206, 2nd floor, Appolo Complex Premises,
Cooperative Society Ltd.
RK Singh Marg, Parsi Panchyat Road,
Andheri (East) Mumbai- 400069.